Full-Body Workout Routine For Women Posted on 17 Feb 20:59

 full body workout routines for women


The internet is full of “Full-Body Workout Routines”, or so it seems.  I went to my favorite browser and found over two million results for this keyword.  That's a lot of routines!  The most-recommended routines are anywhere from 10-45 minutes, with 30 minutes being seen as an ideal.  Also, the absolute best routines are those that you build yourself. The theory behind this, of course, is if you select the exercise, you will do it more often, and with better form as opposed to something imposed on you from another source, even including your trainer.


Of course, before beginning any new routine, you should always check with your primary physician to make sure you won't be doing yourself more harm than good.


Having said that, the most-recommended routines for full-body training are called “circuit training”.  This involves doing a series of exercises, each for a brief period of time, before going on to the next.  Some examples of circuit training are

  • cardio: do one set of cardio exercises for 5 minutes.
  • Weights: do one set of weight-lifting for each major body part (arms, legs, core, etc) for 5 minutes
  • Calisthenics: do one set of calisthenics (skipping rope, etc.) for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat “circuit”.
  • Cool off

Each type of exercise is done for a maximum of five minutes at a time, and the pace is as intense as you can make it.  The positive aspects of exercising this way are:

  • it doesn't take very long
  • you get an intense workout
  • the variety of moves means that you can maintain your interest levels
  • it's actually easier than a routine where you do the same thing day after day


This is a very flexible plan.  For example there is a whole menu of aerobic exercises that can be chosen from for the cardio portion of your workout.  This includes everything from exercising on a bike to running full tilt around a track.  For Weights, the exercises range from free-lifting to weight-training machines which can work any muscle group needing attention.  Calisthenics are many and varied, and can focus on specific areas not affected by weight-lifting or aerobic exercises. 


An example of a circuit training exercise might be: 

  • 5 minutes “spinning”
  • Weight training with machine-10 reps on each of 5 machines
  • 5 minutes of jumping jacks
  • repeat 1x.


The goal is to hit each major muscle group and exercise at least one “problem spot” in order to tone and trim your body. Here is another sample.  This one is of a calisthenic circuit workout which uses no machinery at all:  just you and the floor.  This one would be a very simple routine to do at home and would be nice for those of us who are too embarrassed to exercise in a gym or outdoors.

  • Warm up by running/walking in place, skipping rope, or doing jumping jacks for 5 minutes. (goal: warm your muscles and get heart pumping)
  • Squats: 30 seconds to do as many as possible while maintaining good form.  This means a minimum range of motion is 90 degrees.  Keep your lower legs vertical and your upper legs parallel to the ground/floor. (optional 30 second rest)
  • Back lunges to high knees/jump:30 seconds
  • push ups (30 seconds)(optional 30 second rest)
  • shoulder taps (30 seconds)
  • side lunges (30 seconds)(optional 30 second rest)
  • side planks (15 seconds each side)
  • leg lifts (30 seconds)(optional 30 second rest)
  • V-ups (30 seconds)