At Home Workouts for Men Posted on 17 Feb 22:16

at home workouts for men


Ever hear the phrase “Boys and their toys?”  It seems that men's magazines, even the ones devoted to fitness, are crazy about toys.  Many men's fitness magazines leave one (especially the casual reader) to believe that “toys” i.e., things like barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, fitness machines, etc., are essential to fitness.  This is not so.  Anyone who has run along a sandy beach knows that one can develop leg muscles simply by doing that.  There are many exercises that require no equipment, yet these exercises can deliver fantastic results, both cosmetically and health-wise.  The key, which is oft-repeated and seldom listened to, it that whatever you do needs to be done on a consistent basis for it to be as effective as possible.  That means developing a routine that can be followed every day. 


Now, daily exercise habits are essential, but how many of us do them daily?  Even the best-intentioned among us fall off the exercise track at some point, because as we grow and develop, our careers or marriages or family relationships start demanding more and more of our time, which means that we need to streamline our exercise routines.  This is because if exercise routines take up too much time, they (not the job, wife, or relatives) will fall by the wayside. It being admittedly difficult to find the time to drive to the gym, go through a routine that takes an hour or more, and then make your next appointment, the best thing to do is find some exercises that don't take a lot of time, don't take a lot of equipment, and will show results with repeated use. Here are the exercises most top trainers pick as the best exercises to tone your bod, build your six-pak, and get your heart pumping!


  • Squats and lunges : whether done with weights or without, these exercises will get your upper and lower legs, your abdomen, and your back going!  Remember to take care to do these exercises in the proper manner to reduce the possibility of tearing the miniscus (kneecap).
  • Push ups: Not enough people do this exercise, and as a result they walk around with flabby arms and chest muscles.  While not an aerobic exercise, there are many different forms of pushups that can be done almost anywhere
  • Walking or running up and down hills: artificial hills work as well as the natural kind.  Even if you live somewhere where hills are scarce, the highways and byways in the area will offer plenty of chances for a good run up the hill. This is a great aerobic exercise with plenty of potential for change of scenery.
  • Chin ups: Pull yourself up to a bar using only your hands and arm muscles.  This will exercise the back as well as the arms. Women need to do this exercise also, to preserve their ability to lift common items and avoid injury. Women especially may need help for a while until they build the strength they need. Remember, everyone should be able to lift their body weight with their arms.  This is called a survival tactic.
  • The Plank: This exercise looks like you're taking your ease, but will help build your core muscles. It works the muscles in your abs, back arms, and legs as well as the core muscles in your abdomen!


Spending as little as 5 minutes per day practicing each of these moves will pay off tremendous dividends in increased health and attractiveness.